Monthly Archives: December 2012

Using the L.O.C. Method on my Natural Hair

Figuring out how to keep my hair soft and moisturized has really been a challenge in my 18 months of my natural hair journey, and being older with somewhat resistant hair, it has definitely been a challenge. In the winter, the air is drier and adds to drying out my already dry, kinky, coarse hair,  […]


  By Neyal J. Ammary-Risch, MPH, MCHES I was searching across the internet for some info on eyesight for the aging adult and came across this article. It’s a lot of great information and thought I would share. You lock away your valuables to keep them safe. But there’s one valuable you may have forgotten: […]

Front Post Double Crochet Cap

This cute hat, I made for my granddaughter, which led me to create it for my customers in adult sizes, as shown in the pictures, with matching earrings.  This set of instructions is for the youth size and can be adjusted to adults. Good Luck with your caps and I hope you’ll give feedback on […]