Soul Survivor: Girl Had AIDS As A Baby And Is Still Going Strong At 29: Repost

By Barry Burch Jr.

For many what it feels like to live with AIDS is a mystery.  Oprah along with her viewers realized this truth 25 years ago as they listened to the story of one of the show’s most memorable guests.  The 11-year-old-girl named Hydeia Broadbent, with her thick braids, hoop nose ring and high-pitched voice captured the audience with her heartrending story.

In the 1996 interview, Broadbent explained what her life was like living with AIDS.  She had been born with the disease andhadieya was experiencing the symptoms of full blown AIDS as early as the age of five.

A young and brave Broadbent explained“I had had fungus in my brain, blood infections, pneumonia.  I went Code blue a couple of times.  And when I was 5, that’s when they said I had full blown AIDS.”

Though the attitude of Broadbent was strong and confident throughout the interview, when asked what the most difficult part of living with the disease was, Broadbent broke down.  “When your friends die,” she answered.  “That’s the hardest part because you love them and you always lose a friend to AIDS…a lot of my friends have died of AIDS.”

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