Practicing Yoga helps the heart!

The downward dog could one day be doctor’s orders. Yoga can help treat patients with stress-related conditions such as high blood pressure, cardiac disease, depression, and anxiety, according to researchers.

Aside from its ability to stretch and strengthen your muscles, yoga offers somesurprising health perks. It can soothe back pain, boost your memory, help you sleep better, and even ease ahangover. Now that’s my kind of workout.
In a new paper, researchers from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM), New York Medical College, and the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons explore evidence that yoga may be an effective part of treating patients with stress-related conditions, namely, high blood pressure, cardiac disease, depression, and anxiety.
Their theory, published online in Medical Hypotheses and based on earlier studies from BUSM, suggests a mind-body approach to managing certain conditions, paired with standard treatments, could indeed work.
“Western and Eastern medicine complement one another. Yoga is known to improve stress-related nervous system imbalances,” says lead study author Chris Streeter, MD, associate professor of psychiatry at BUSM and Boston Medical Center, in a Boston University release.


“This news was particularly share-worthy for me and should be for everybody especially the seniors like myself. Monday I’ll be starting Yoga, really today with little movements, but after I’m full in on the Shred Diet. Didn’t want to start two things at one time. I’ll keep you posted as to my results.