Laura the fake commentator spews off on LeBron, What!

I could only listen to this once it pissed me off so bad. First off this racist woman who works on a racist channel should keep her mouth shut when she starts spewing hateful fake so called news, and she has a cross around her neck. You phony fake christian. 

LeBron and KD have more class in their athletic gorgeous fingers than you have in your whole fake phony Fox loving, Trump loving aZZ.

Fact: He graduated you dummy, he’s not just a jock. I don’t think 400 million a year shows him to be unintelligent, not like yourself of course. He gives back in a major way. What and whom do you give to Ms. Christian. 

He’s human with an opinion and guess what you’re supposed to report the news, instead of reading off the teleprompter some fake write up, so lets get it straight.