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Top Companies Hiring Blacks and Minorities in 2014‏

Nationwide ( — As the economy rebounds, many companies across thecountry are hiring new employees. In fact, the unemployment rate continues to drop, andeven for minorities the numbers are getting better. Hundreds of companies even haveaggressive diversity recruiting programs for jobs and internships. This means that they arespecifically looking to hire African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, Native Americans,and, an online directory of jobs and internships, has compiled a list of thetop 10 companies looking to hire minorities in 2014. Here they are:#1 – Allstate Insurance offers competitive jobs for college graduates and paid summer workexperience for students who are still in college. Internships are offered in a variety of major andminor study areas.Learn more at – PricewaterhouseCoopers offers jobs for graduates, as well as opportunities for collegestudents who are majoring in accounting and finance a chance to experience their skills in actionin a real-world setting.Learn more at – Dell Computers has open job positions and internships in the areas of marketing and sales,finance and accounting, IT and more. Internships provide real-world experience for college studentswhile they are still in school.Learn more at – Oracle provides career opportunities and a diversity internship program for students to gainknowledge and experience in the field of technology. Several different programs are available to meetthe needs of people from all backgrounds.Learn more at – Microsoft offers competitive jobs and a internship program for current college undergraduateminority students pursuing a degree in computer science or software engineering. Students mayapply in their freshman or sophomore year of college.Learn more at / – General Motors has both jobs and internships available in the areas of communications, finance,information technology, marketing, engineering, manufacturing, health and safety.Learn more at – Merck jobs and internships are available to both college graduates and college students in theareas of research & development, sales & marketing, information technology, human resources,communications, finance and legal.Learn more at – Coca-Cola career opportunities are offered to both undergraduate and graduate collegestudents in a wide area of study fields, such as finance, communications, logistics, business, humanresources, environmental protection, and more.Learn more at – NASCAR is hiring employees and also interns for their NASCAR Diversity Internship Programis a 10-week, full-time, paid summer work opportunity for deserving students with an interest in theNASCAR industry, who are of Alaskan Native, American Indian, Asian/Pacific Islander, African American,Hispanic, or of other racial minority descent.Learn more at – Google is always looking to fill job and internship positions. They are rated No. 1 by Forbes asthe best internship opportunity for college students interested in a career in software engineering.Google offers an open culture and rich learning experience as well as good pay.Learn more at search hundreds of more 2014 job and internship opportunities,

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