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If you’re interested in a natural product but not sure, then this is where your search ends. We’ve done the homework and here you’ll find a multitude of natural products, and their many uses along with recipes. Products are added daily, so if you don’t see something, check back frequently. Going natural? We would like to hear about your journey and natural challenge and you in turn can read all the awesome stories about the beautiful sistas who have gone back to their natural state of mind. Its truly amazing and as I’ve taken that natural challenge myself, I too will be journalizing my unique challenges I’m sure to face on this natural journey! Maybe you’ll be tempted to also take that challenge. So lets hear your story! Peace and Blessings!

Perfect Skin can be yours!

I didn’t always take care of my skin. I didn’t feel it was relevant to me being young and with great skin. I didn’t think  I had to.  I thought I would always have great skin, but recently and especially since I’ve gotten older,  I realized that was just wishful thinking and I indeed started to have problems with my  skin. Does that sound like you? Whether your skin is in good condition or in need of repair, basic skin care is a must to maintain its good quality skin condition, well into old age. Daily maintenance, repair and prevention are the keys to healthy, flawless subtle skin not only for while you’re younger, but for every year of your life. Following is a recipe for a healthy, clean, youthful looking face.

Let’s start with Facial Steaming. which is the basis for a clean palette. Clean your skin of all make-up and environmental residue collected during the day is right before going to bed at night and or first thing in the morning for a refreshed skin.  Use a facial steamer or just soak a wash cloth with warm to hot water, then wring lightly and gently place on your entire face.  also used essential oils dropped into a pan of boiling water, turn off, place a towel over my head and steam your face for two minutes. Let the steam penetrate to fully open your pores.
Cleansing. Next, while your pores are open, splash warm water on your face and neck. This constricts your pores opening them more to receive cleansing. Using an all-natural cleanser for your particular skin type, massage onto your saturated face with the tips of your fingertips, or feel free to use a cleansing sponge, using a circular motion for a few minutes. Don’t forget your neck area. Be careful to avoid the skin around your eyes. When finished rubbing, rinse thoroughly with room temperature or tepid water.
Toner. Soak a cotton ball with your favorite toner. Make sure it’s for your skin type and gently wipe your entire face and neck area. Some toners can be rather strong so really experiment with a variety of them. They are inexpensive and of course we’ll be sharing lots of recipes to make your own. This helps to lift away all remaining residue that you might have missed, at the same time closing your pores, preparing your skin for the next step.
Moisturizing. Place a few dots of your favorite moisturizer on your face. Beginning circular motions move all over your face. Don‘t forget the neck and throat area. This step will condition and protect your skin while you sleep at night helping to restore your skins natural balance leaving your skin refreshed and deeply moisturized the following morning.  Don’t forget to exfoliate once a week, Most exfoliation cleansers contains alpha or beta hydroxy acids and rounded granules that helps to further remove dead skin cells on the surface of the face. Restoring your skin to natural baby smooth suppleness.

If your skin problems are more severe than simple breakouts, dry skin, please consult a esthetician or a dermatologist.

A Great Homemade Protein Treatment for your Hair


Hey guys,  It’s a New Year (I know, my video is a little late), and I wanted to show you how I’m determined to start my year off  with the right combination of products and right regimen for my hair, body, nails etc. I’m starting it off by trying a few products right out my kitchen to give the right balance to my hair. I’ve seen some shedding, so I gave myself a light trim and am now going to alternate every few weeks with some protein treatments. Check out my video and don’t forget to comment and subscribe.


HONEY: Honey is a humectant (which means that it helps to retain moisture) and an emollient (meaning that it softens and smoothes), which “naturally” makes it a great conditioner and moisturizer. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals, so using it in your hair care routine can leave your tresses looking shinier, feeling softer, and in an overall more healthy condition. Honey also softens as well as lightens your tresses, giving it a shiny appearance.

EGGS: Hair treatments that involve the usage of egg yolks have been around for decades and are designed to help in hair strengthening. Apart from increasing the strength of the hair, such treatments also help with hair silkiness and softness. Egg Yolks are also great for their conditioning and moisturizing properties.

TEA TREE: If you’re plagued by a dry, itchy scalp, tree oil may be your remedy of choice. I use it religiously. When it comes to common scalp problems like hair loss, dry skin, dandruff and head lice, tea tree oil  may be an effective natural alternative to harsh chemicals. In shampoo form, it may be effective in reducing dandruff, unclogging hair follicles and clearing up bacterial and fungal infections.     NOTE: It’s been known to cause allergic reactions ranging from mild irritation to severe redness, itching and blistering. Tea tree oil may also worsen skin conditions like eczema

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Keep in mind that you should only use tea tree oil topically — it’s not meant to be swallowed and may be toxic if ingested

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Mayonnaise:  The fats and oils from the mayonnaise enter the follicles of your hair more readily if the mayonnaise is warm, do let set out for about 1/2 hour before applying to hair. When your hair is heated the follicles open, allowing the conditioner to enter the strands, so warm hair by shampooing, or sit under warm dryer before applying. For extremely dry and damaged hair, you can leave the mayonnaise on over night. A mayonnaise treatment will restore moisture and vitality to your strands, leaving your hair very moisturized and supple. This helps to avoid protein overload.

Yogurt:Coconut Water:Avocado: