Welcome to the House Of Flava. My name is Anita and I’m a retired Cosmetologist turned Artisan/business owner on what I call a natural living journey. I’m highly opinionated so I created this site to voice my opinion and display my eclectic personality to the world. This natural living is hard but I’m taking it one step at a time. I also want to share my handmade products with an eclectic touch and will be including some personalized jewelry, crochet-able wear and more. I love creating, so you’ll see things from my bath-n-body, Health-n-wellness, Skin & Hair care lines and some other stuff I might feel like creating. (Told ya I was eclectic). Enjoy your visit here and remember to come back and visit again and bring a friend next time you stop by. See Ya

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Many satisfied friends count on House Of Flava’s cute pieces to show off to the world so we know you’ll be satisfied too, so lets enjoy this journey together. Here’s to better health.

Signed: Anita


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