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Ancient Times Tart Burning Oils

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Our burning tarts oils have a great nonwaxy scent, burn for hours, and give the home a nice fragrance without a chemical after-smell that lasts for hours. Bottles are 4oz sizes.
Suggested use: Use in burners made for burning tart, and candle oils. Many fragrances are available and we make custom fragrances as well. Not suggested for essential oil diffusers, because the oils don't break down properly and will clog it up.
How to use: You can add warm water to your burner (never use cold water, could crack your glass), and add a squirt of oil to your water for a nice mellow scent, or you can use full strength for a stronger scent.

Note: Please allow up to 14 days for shipment on orders with burning oils. We sometimes have to wait for our stock to be replenished before we can ship, so our shipping varies from 24 hours to 14 days, but we'll make every effort to ship asap, and will always keep you updated.
Custom orders are available, please drop us a note to mix up a blend.

Note: If ordering multiples, we will adjust shipping total as necessary according to total weights.

Ancient Times: by Moonworks is a celestial and luminous scent. It has luscious apple and juicy pear. They are followed by the sweet scent of a tantalizing mix of florals. There is warm, scrumptious vanilla to tempt you. Finally, the bright scent of patchouli transports you to an exotic and mysterious place. When you want to transform your space with the power of aromatherapy Ancient Incense is your ticket to an someplace magical.