Capitalizing on the Natural Hair Movement

in Jun 15, 2024

I’m writing this blog in response to what others (non naturals) are saying about our hair.  I’m seeing questions by sisters asking questions like can black women capitalize and get ahead on the black hair movement. My answer is “Of Course We can“! The natural hair revolution is taken the world by storm. Who ever thought that the Afrocentric movement would blast off like it has. It has put our natural mami’s back in touch with their natural selves, and the natural hair movement is everywhere. I’m associated with hundreds of blogs, websites, face book friends and twitter followers. Yes we sisters are on the rise. I even made the transition to au natural, something I never thought I would do, even though I’ve always wanted to and admired those that did. It’s been 5 months and although I’m struggling with this natural thing, I’m in it to win it for the long run.
Hallelujah!  It’s a healthy and strong movement, and we can see the ripple effects of this strength throughout the world!  Nappy, Kinky, Curly sisters ALL OVER THE GLOBE are embracing their beautiful God given hair, and their black beauty!

But we’ve got to be responsible about this thang. It’s time for those who want to benefit off this movement to learn more about our success and how to maintain it, not just maintain it, but keep control of it because there are indeed those out there who would love to benefit off our hair and not prone to knocking you out the box in order to achieve this success. We are now in the position of letting this phenomenal success take care of us financially. This natural hair revolution has taken lessened the self hatred that some feel towards themselves, and can lift some out of poverty and into self reliance if done right, so I applaud all sister who have decided to move forward into entrepreneurship. These sisters and brothers I might add are everywhere. I see them in malls and shops everywhere sharing their knowledge and selling their products. A lot are making these products in their kitchens and doing the work themselves, from production to labeling to advertising and everything in between. I just want to tell those sisters, to get their education right, because the big companies are gunning for you, and they’ve got the dough to make it happen. They can make their product beautiful designed and sell them in markets that some of us could never achieve, so sister’s BEWARE! There is more!

The backbiting from sister against sister was inevitable. Sister’s wake up. Do you have to be so trivial and disc a sister’s products based simply on looks or how it comes out the bottle. We’re dribbling over things like the ingredients are not clear or the smell of the products and even the price. If you don’t like it, state why, but don’t go on to trash a person, her products and her personally because it’s really uncalled for and only shows your own envy and ignorance, but thankfully not all the natural sister’s are like this and I’m finding a lot of them are giving substantive, unbiased opinions on a product and keep it moving. Think of what that person had to do in order to create that product including time, products, money, advertising etc and just because you don’t like her and her products, doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else, so keep it discreet. An honest opinion does not need to discredit a person’s character. We already get enough of that from outsiders.
I’ve said all this to say the natural hair movement is beautiful and can be an amazing avenue for entrepreneurs who see fit to start their own businesses, but to those entrepreneurs, keep it real, do your homework and keep bringing us those amazing products that are indeed being put into the natural population.

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