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Incense, Resins, Charcoals and accessories!

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We ❤️ Crafting, Building and Designing stuff, and so will you. Visit our crafts section and get started on a product today!

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We ❤️ Jewelry

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Organic and Natural Soaps, Lotions, Oils, Body Washes, Toothpaste and much more! (A lot of its natural and handmade)

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Essential Oils, Teas, and other Herbal Remedies

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Join us and cook amazing, healthy but tasty meals following the Pescatarian Lifestyle

Wholesome meals
Cook with us and explore our choice of the “Favorite Meals of the week”
Healthy Cooking, Clean Living the Natural Way
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See the recipe
See the recipe

Passion for food and healty snacks

Our goal for 2021 was to explore healthy ingredients and recipes and share them with you. Enjoy the vast amount of healthy, organic, tasty meals, trying to stick tas close to the Pescatarian life style as possible, but we’re still learning and growing. Check it out

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“This magical, marvelous food on our plate, this sustenance we absorb, has a story to tell. It has a journey.”

– Joel Salatin
Organic & healthy

More Healthy Eats


Pasta farfalle pesto

Make our tasty pesto dish


Overnight oats

Snack before snoozing


Spicy pumpkin soup

Spicey Pumpkin Soup

Fast Food

Vegan cheese burger

Vegan’s in the house


Stuffed aubergines

Fish it is


Avocado sandwich

Heavenly Healthy Avocado


Coconut yoghurt

Delightful Yoghurt

Fast Food

Healthy buddha bowl

Healthy buddha bowl

Cook with us

Check out our video’s for some healthy cooking

Only the best quality

Premium certified organic teas

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Flavoursome tea

Whole leaf and herbal infusions

The Herbalist in me loves the healthy in you.See our collection of herbal infusions for Body, Mind and Spirit

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Explore our teas

Green tea

Yerba Mate

Black tea

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Julia Trussel

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Jason Jones

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Leo Barret
Choose your own

Find your own unique tea blend

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Relief tea blend


Glass tea pot


Mixed tea leaves


Antioxidant blend


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We bring the magic of herbs, spices and teas to your kitchen table. Try our many blends!

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spices and herbs

Whole and Ground

Many different varieties

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Who we are

Our own roots

Let us take you back to our roots 

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Hot and spicy


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Variety is the spice of life, and spices come in many varieties

~ Anaïs Nin


Mixed herbs

Mixed Herbs

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Winter feeling

Winter giving you the blahs. Try our winter blends

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Nurturing blends for when you’re feeling some kind of way

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Ask us anything

Feel free to reach out and ask us anything. We’re still building here but we’ll do our best to respond within 24 hours. 


A unique balance of ancient and modern treatments

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Our fabulous tinctures for healing the Body, Mind and Spirit!

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St Barth body oil

120 ml bottles

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Experience wellness
from every angle

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“Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself”

– Hermann Hesse


Fight viruses, colds, flus and build the immune system, recover after a strenuous workout, recover after an illness and more with our herbal blends. 

Science and research shows us that having a strong immune system helps in the fight against this current pandemic we’re going through. HOF has created some critical herbs that help in that strength building.

Made with whole leaves, roots, berries, resins, and more!

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Health Update

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hours of operation

We’re open online 24hrs and ship mon-sat. If you’re in the augusta area please visit us at:

1625 Doug Banard pkwy suiteS A18 & E19

Free Shipping on orders over $100.00 in our shop. No code necessary

Store Notice : Due to the Covid-19 our physical doors will close for what will hopefully be a short time. You can still purchase your herbs, spiritual products, health n wellness, bath n body, aromatherapy, handmades and more from our online store with slight delays in shipping or visit us at the outdoor market (Booth A-18), “see our map”. Remember to stay safe, wear a mask, take care of yourself and those around you, keep those immune systems as strong as possible with prayer, meditation and of course our immune building products. Until we meet again.  Love & Light!

Welcome to House of Flava

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we carry amazing handmade products

from amazing unique brands from all around the world. We also hand make our own line of natural products customized for you, including Herbal teas, Bath N Body, Aromatherapy, Health N Wellness, Religious, Spiritual, Jewelry and OF course Apparel.