How to moisturize and maintain your mature locs

in Nov 12, 2023

Today I wanted to show how I keep my mature 10 year old locs well moisturized, conditioned, shiny and looking fly.

I always start with a freshly washed and conditioned scalp. I deep condition once a month and because I have such an itchy scalp, I like to wash my locs every week and condition afterwards. I interloc my own locs so I don't have to worry too much about them becoming loose, because I can retighten as necessary. 

After shampooing and conditioning I always use a Leave-In. My choice is either a homemade one or I like "As I am" or Coconut Water Leave-In", my fav's even when I was natural the five years before I locked up. 

Watch video:

After washing & conditioning I seal all that goodness in with an oil. I like to use my light oil and follow up with a heavy oil. Even when I was natural I used this same concept. I'm a 4c and needed this process to retain moisture and hydration. 

That's basically it as you can see in the video, but don't forget to dry as soon as possible. Letting it air dry over a long period of time cause in my opinion to open ourselves up for fungus, bacterial and other hair and scalp issues. 

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Anita Moore

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