Companion Planting Strawberries

in Jun 15, 2024

Companion Planting:

Companion planting is the practice of growing several different types of crops within close proximity of each other to enhance crop production. Interplanting, the practice of planting different crops between one another, is especially ideal for small gardens to maximize space and improve productivity.

Planting fruits and vegetables with flowers,

Cultivating biodiversity: Companion planting aims to mimic nature by creating symbiotic relationships between plants that mutually aid each other. It is one of the most reliable and fun ways to improve strawberry growth in your organic garden, helps to avoid pesky pest and agressive diseases that harm and kill your delicate strawberries.

I decided to concentrate on strawberries and place herbs, flowers and vegetables this year 2024 around them to aid in their production and growth. I want to reduce pest pressure and keep my babies healthy.

In order to keep production up growing strawberries throughout the summer, I planted early and late types. I also planted small and large types. My goal is to use other plants to  attract beneficial predator insects while attracting beneficial pollinators. I need to protect plant from pathogens which killed off my berries last year and stunted their growth. Stop soil borne diseases like a got this ugly fungus on a lot of my plants last year, NOT this time. Strawberries need nitrogen so I need companion plants that give nitrogen to the soil which enhances the flavor of the berries. 

Lets start with flowers:

1. I'm going to plant alyssum between the rows to collect bugs. It's beneficial to every plant in the garden. 2. Yarrow (American native wildflower (pots): I love this plant, grow it every year for its healing benefits and it helps to repel ant, aphids, mosquitoes, flies, beetles and more. 3. Marigolds, french, suppresses namatodes below ground while repelling insect pests above ground. Repel root know namatodes, whiteflies and rabbits. 4. Borage: attracts pollinators and predators, prevent disease and improve flavor. Bees and butterflies also love borage

KEEP AWAY FROM; Sunflowers, Corn, Fennel, Melons, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Roses



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