Reasons to use Natural Products

in Jun 15, 2024
Carcinogens: Many chemicals used in personal care products contain carcinogens, or cancer causing ingredients. We don’t know what all those chemicals in manufactured products will really do to us long term. It has not been closely looked at and studied. A lot of these carcinogens are found in bubble baths, soaps, and toothpaste. Do we really want this stuff in our bodies.
Allergens: Many personal care products, when applied to the skin, contain allergens, or ingredients that cause the immune system to overact, in an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions to skin care products usually become worse over time and they weaken your overall immune health. Does that sound healthy?
Aging: There are hundreds of products that claim to reduce signs of aging, but many of these contain neurotoxins and only 1-2% actual anti-aging ingredients, blended with cheap filler ingredients. Natural products contain much higher percentages of skin-safe natural anti-aging ingredients with no known side effects. Hallelujah!
Natural is Better for the Family: Natural skin care is gentle yet effective enough to be used on babies, sensitive skin and senior skin that needs extra emollients, Products like shea butter and ale butter make great diaper rash creams, while tea tree oil is great for adolescent acne. Dead sea salts soothe your muscle aches and pains, while mango butter fights away wrinkles and age spots. Products have multiple uses so always read all descriptions to find the many ways in which to use natural products.

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