Virgin Coconut Oil and its Benefits

in Jun 15, 2024

Experience skin and body perfection!
Say hello to soft, luminous skin, and complete body health with 100% virgin coconut oil. This soft creamy oil moisturizes skin while fighting away wrinkles, blemishes, and chronic eczema. You can also substitute your regular cooking oils with virgin coconut oil for an increased energy level, a natural resistance against viruses, and weight loss. Imported from Togo.

This superior oil is extracted from drid coconuts, and is known for healing dry, itchy, or sensitive skin. It will not clog pores and it absorbs readily into the skin. It is also used in cooking in many countries because of it ability to lower cholesterol and heal thyroid disorders. It has a shelf life of 1 1/2 years and should be store in a cool, dry, dark environment in a tightly sealed container. If you are eating the oil raw it should be refrigerated after opening. This product may begin to solidify at temperatures below 78 degrees. Its color is creamy white and has a mild coconut scent. Its name is INCI Nonmenciature: Cocos Nucifere (Coconut) Oil. Its country of Origin is Togo, West Africa.

Warnings: Keep out of eyes. If contact with eyes occurs, flush with cool water for 15 minutes. If Irritation persists, contact a doctor immediately.

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