Welcome to the House
Of Flava. I’m Anita, owner and founder. We are a design driven luxury making
high quality natural and organic products company. I’m a retired cosmetologist
turned Artisan. I created this site to share my creativity in content and
products. I would love to share by creating video’s and tutorials with those
who love what I do.

Let’s Connect: Any time you need to reach out drop a few lines below, ask questions etc and we’ll
respond back as soon as possible. Thanks and welcome.

Store Notice : Due to the Covid-19 our physical doors will close for what will hopefully be a
short time. You can still purchase your herbs, spiritual products, health n
wellness, bath n body, aromatherapy, handmades and more from our online store
with slight delays in shipping or visit us at the outdoor market (Booth A-18),
“see our map”. Remember to stay safe, wear a mask, take care of yourself and
those around you, keep those immune systems as strong as possible with prayer,
meditation and of course our immune building products. Until we meet
again.  Love & Light!

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