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#404 Brass Hamsa w/Malachite gemstones

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These handmade earrings are made for the brass lovers. I've combined a brass Hamsa cutout with Malachite gemstones and brass findings to make these in 2 beautiful dangling drops. Pairs wonderfully with any outfit. They are available in different gemstones or crystal beads of your choice

See photos to get a visual.
Note: I love to use brass. The brass changes colors (not like copper), from the oils in your skin, but can be cleaned with a jewelry cloth very easily. They maintain their color longer and have the same unique identifiers as far as spiritual and health are concerned.

Hamsa, or “khamsa” (خمسة) in Arabic, means five: a number associated with the Evil Eye, the five pillars of Islam, and of course, the five fingers on the symbolic hand itself. The Hamsa Hand is a universal sign of protection, power, and strength that dates back to ancient Mesopotamia. Known as the Hand of Fatima in Islam and the Hand of Miriam in Judaism, it's believed to protect against the evil eye and all negative energies.