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AquaMarine (Lt Blue) Meditation Healing Gemstone bracelet #10

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AquaMarine (Lt Blue) Meditation Healing Gemstone bracelet (10mm)

Related to peace, clear-headedness, and calmness, the healing powers of aquamarine are based on its metaphysical properties.📋 Aquamarine awakens several chakras, such as throat, third eye, and heart. The throat is responsible for self-expression and inner truth, while the third eye makes you intuitive and psychic.

Aquamarine is a pastel greenish-blue variety of the mineral beryl and owes its color to the presence of iron impurities. Its name is derived from the Latin words for water (aqua) and sea (marine). Crystals form in large hexagonal prisms. In ancient times, it was believed that sailors wearing aquamarine pendants would be protected from the perils of the sea.

The aquamarine was said to change color depending on the wearer’s honesty, i.e., if they were dishonest, the gem would take on a darker hue. Currently, aquamarine is commonly associated with loyalty, friendship, and courage.

Our Natural Crystals and Gemstones Healing Protective Handmade bracelets are simply beautiful. They are adjustable and fit most wrists. Due to the lighting, and uniqueness of each stone, pictures may vary from one shown in the image. Excellent for cleansing, protection, meditation, healing, and more. These bracelets are made using double knotting cords which gives them extra strength. Our bracelets are double-strung with Chinese knotting cord giving them extra strength. 1 size fits most wrist sizes usually from 5.5 – 8.5 inches. Bracelets are very comfortable to wear daily.
Each beaded bracelet is made by first polishing gemstone beads to a shine, attaching them to a durable knotting cord, then bathing the bracelet in sage smoke and the healing vibrations of the crystals and the beautiful healing sound of singing bowls before shipment. This crystal-beaded bracelet will arrive already programmed with positive energy and intentions for its new owner.

Mix, stack and Match crystal bracelets to customize your own unique combinations based on your own personal needs refer to the definitions below with detailed information and uses for each one.