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Incense Sticks 100pk

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Our incense sticks are handmade, double-dipped and can be used in various burners. They have an amazing scent throw, no black burnoff, and a long-lasting scent that lingers for hours. They are made from organic materials. Please view the video to see how they operate. We have a nice variety to choose from, but we can also make custom fragrances, by ordering a custom blend. Drop us a note and we'll respond.

All packages come in approximately 95-100 pcs to a pk. 

Note: Other scent-burning products available: ex: cones, resins, essential oils, body oil fragrances, and more.

Shipping: Please allow 3-14 days for shipment on all orders. We custom-make our scents and all incense and cones need a few days to Drip, Drain, and dry if not in stock. If in stock, we ship within 1-2  business days.

Grown in an Herbal garden, picked at the appropriate time. mixed and blended by hand, prayed over, and so on, incense can be a potent, personal tool with infinite variations. Here is a variety of incense handmade with you in mind for various occasions and rituals in stick and cone form. These incense are self-lighting, naturally scented and fragranced, and have the power to inspire a magical state of mind. Enjoy!