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Jamaican Black Castor Oil (dark) 2oz

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Castor oil has been used medicinally for over 4000 years for all kinds of ailments. The Castor bean is native to Eastern Africa and made it way to Jamaica via the slave trade.

Ingredients: 100% Black Jamaican Castor Oil (Ricinus communis)

Shelf Life: 1 year

Jamaican Black Castor Oil


  • Relieves arthritis pain,
  • soothes joint pain,

  • Antibacterial,

  • Heals wounds,

  • Stimulates, thickens, strengthens and increases hair growth,

  • Repairs dry damaged hair and skin

  • used in eyebrow hair growth.

  • Fights Infections.

  • Helps to slow or even stop the spread of germs.

  • Heals scars.

  • Control Sebum.

  • Heals chapped lips and other skin conditions.

  • Helps to AGE gracefully by softening wrinkles

  • Is also known to cleanse the body of parasites and toxins

Note:  This is not a food grade product.