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Turmeric Root c/s

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This warm, earthy, deep yellow spice has been the gold standard for natural wellness for thousands of years. As a powerful antioxidant with the active ingredient curcumin, turmeric may help support immunity and overall health and wellness.*

Botanical Name: Curcuma longa

 Even though Curcumin & Turmeric is beneficial to the body, when first ingesting it, your body sees it as a foreign substance, , which basically means it sees it as something that doesn’t belong in your body & needs to get rid of it as soon as you consume it. This is where Black pepper steps in. Black pepper contains the compound piperine, which increases the bioavailability of curcumin by up to 2000% – so mixing some black pepper with turmeric can be a good way to reap even more benefits. I personally use in addition to this ginger root powder, which has the same effect and gives a great boost to your immune system.