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Yoni Steaming Herbs

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Yoni Steaming Herbs for Feminine Wellness needs (Tones & tightens, Helps with menstrual cramps, headaches, infertility, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, Detoxing, Postpartum, Odor control, Hemorrhoids, kidney and bladder infections, Also used to decrease hot flashes during menopause. Can be used after Hysterectomy, or miscarriage, during PMS & more. Herbs in Yoni steaming have also been used to decrease tumor cells, prevent and heal. Helps to heal damage to the liver. Helps with diabetes, anti-inflammatory, decreases weight gain triggers. 

A lot more is being researched about Yoni steaming and other herbals steaming baths including weight gain, decreasing blood glucose levels, promoting melanin production and killing MSRA. We'll update here. 

Ingredients: Basil, Chamomile, Raspberry Leaf, Marshmallow Root, Sage, Alfalfa, Angelica Root, Rose Petals & more.

We have different herbs for different medicinal purposes. Choose according to your preference. 

Do NOT steam when you are actively bleeding. You can however steam the day after the last day of your period to help move out any remaining blood. Steaming in the week leading up to your period can help with cramps and other menstrual complaints. But never steam when you’re actively menstruating. If you are prone to heavy bleeding, it is recommended to wait to steam until your cycle is more regulated, as steaming increases circulation to the pelvis, which could result in more bleeding.

 Changes to expect after Yoni Steaming

Various changes may follow after Yoni Steaming, from healing and physical releases to blissful relaxation. Things you might see include changes in your menstrual cycle, release of dark blood and clots, a lighter cycle and increased awareness of your feminine body. If there has been stagnancy or menstrual imbalances, you may expect there to be some significant changes or dark syrupy blood releasing with your next moon-time. For others the changes may come more slowly and be much more subtle.

Contains 1oz: Good for 2-4 steams depending on desired strength. 

Deep Peace: Honour your depth and heal the layers tucked deep inside. This mending and restorative blend will ease it's way into places where it's most needed. There is no limit on healing, regardless of time passed, you can use this ancient method of bringing peace and comfort within. This soothing blend of Mugwort, Lavender, Basil, Comfrey, Rosemary, Plantain, Calendula and more will ease tension and bring relaxation and inner healing to you.

Fertility blend: Trying to get pregnant? Try these: Rosemary (increases circulation to the reproductive organs), Wormwood (Antifungal and antibacterial), Basil (Uterine stimulant), Calendula (Cleansing, lessens inflammation), chamomile, Red Rose Petals (Cooling, gentle and astringent to the tissues of the genitals), Lavender (antiseptic, antispasmodic, sedative, relaxing nerving).

Itchy Yoni- For the irritated or itchy Yoni. These herbs help to balance vaginal bacteria: Rose petals, calendula blossoms, yarrow flowers and leaves, oregano (antimicrobial), basil (soothes itching), and chamomile (antiseptic) offer support for an optimal vaginal environment and work on maintaining balance.

Menopause blendBasil (Uterine stimulant), Raspberry leaf(strengthens and tones the uterine and pelvic muscles, and is a pelvic and uterine relaxant), Marshmallow (vaginal dryness), Sage(Astringent. Spiritually cleansing), Chamomile (Soothing to the vaginal tissues).

Pleasure: Need a wakeup down there, this is just what you need to wake it up. Set the mood and get maximum pleasure with this steamy blend of herbs to wake up the senses and turn on the heat in the bedroom.   Rosemary, Marshmallow, Witch Hazel, Lavender, Yarrow, and more, will be sure to get things rolling with just the right amount Prrrr and a touch of Shazam! Try our inner Goddess tea to go with this one and prepare for a night of complete satisfaction.

POSTPARTUM: New mamas should try this blend. Ingredients:  uva ursi (antimicrobial), yarrow, plantain leaves, sage leaves, witch hazel leaves (anti-inflammatory), comfrey leaves and root, and sea salt (disinfectant). This blend is mainly used to heal from tears or an episiotomy and supports tissue growth and healing.

Universal Blend: For a clean natural feeling.