A collection of herbs, resins, crystals and more collected through the years for your viewing. Always adding more daily!

  • According to ancient ways and traditions, they know that plants have sacred healing and cleansing essences either through burning, ingesting and even in rituals such as smudging. Smudging is a vital way to complete sacred work. It clears stuck and low vibration energies. This book of herbs, resins and oils have some properties used for all these rituals. They have been infused into the Middle East, Far East, South America and North American cultures for centuries. What are these sacred elements? The following is a list and guide with helpful knowledge for uses of many herbs, resins, spices, oils etc. As we research we add new discoveries daily. Again, you can choose to work with any ingredients on this list, or additional aromatic ingredients not found on this list. It’s up to you which ones you choose to work with. Like picking colors for a painting, simply choose what ingredients call out to you and I’ll help guide you along the way towards creating masterpieces. It’s also common for people to use non-aromatic plants in incense based off of their magical, energetic, or spiritual associations, or medicinal qualities. Many of these associations may be based off of a plant’s planetary affinity, chakra affinity, yin/yang energetics, spiritual significance, etc. If you choose to do this, be sure the plants you use are safe, non-toxic plants. Be advised there are certain botanical species and mineral substances known to be poisonous, toxic, and harmful to your health. Please thoroughly research any ingredients you choose and ensure its safety. The herbs I’ve listed are gives useful benefits and list if its completely safe to use (unless of course you or others are known to have serious botanical allergies to certain types of plants).